Michael BallingerDirector

    Having previously spent most of his career with large City firms, Michael founded Ballinger Law in order to pursue his passion for “David v Goliath” type litigation.

    He is a pioneer in the field of litigation funding, having successfully developed a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) scheme which enables claimants (particularly insolvency practitioners) to pursue litigation at no risk or upfront cost. His extensive knowledge of and contacts in the ATE (After The Event) insurance and litigation funding markets mean that he has an unrivalled ability to ensure that meritorious cases are not abandoned due to lack of funding.

    He is a specialist in commercial litigation, and has acted in a wide range of domestic and international commercial, financial and contractual disputes. A significant proportion of his practice involves professional indemnity claims, particularly against solicitors.

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    Michael says:

    “In my early years as a solicitor it was apparent to me that ordinary people and small businesses who had been wronged were unable to obtain proper recompense because they could always be intimidated by a well-funded defendant. Insurers would often be quite brazen about this in settlement meetings: ‘We know you can’t afford to litigate this to trial’. This seemed to me fundamentally wrong, so I decided to do something about it.

    The client’s own costs can be covered by the solicitor acting on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. I found a group of barristers prepared to do likewise, and teamed up with insurers prepared to take on the client’s risk of having to pay the defendant’s costs. Suddenly, the playing field was level again.

    It is very satisfying to know that I have helped to achieve justice for many a client, who would otherwise have been unable to afford it. Similarly, it is good to know that many a baddie and bully has got his comeuppance!”